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About product

The trading robot was developed specifically for the XAUUSD currency pair
It is possible to use other highly volatile pairs, but we have not checked.
High volatility Gold - makes a good and safe profit with our EA.

Price Action Scalping AI algorithm.

No Grid.

No Martingale.

No Hedge.

Only one order is open at a time protected stop-loss.

Fixed or dynamic stop loss - automatic calculation for the ATR, depending on the market situation, volatility and local low price and highs price.


The BLACKSTONE EA is easy to use for any user.

Main parameters:

# Start-Time
# End-Time
# Fixed Lot size
# RiskPercent Lot size
# Fixed Stop-Loss
# ATR_Stop_Loss (period ATR)
# Profit in Percent
# Fixed Take-Profit
# Profit in Money

The same settings are included to EA for each version:



BLACKSTONE is a forex robot that automatically trades on your account and receives stable profits every day. Our robot is characterized by regular profits without long drawdowns, incredible reliability and resistance to all changes in the Forex market. We started trading BLACKSTONE from the beginning of 2021, and to this day it brings a stable monthly profit.
Our robot calculates the best situation for opening deals very accurately. He does everything to close deals with profit. The EA is also equipped with an absolute trading security mechanism, so that in extreme cases the loss will be stopped on the part of the deposit that you are willing to risk. However, the practice of historical tests shows that there have been no such cases since 2001 (XAUUSD). BLACKSTONE is very accurate and has never made a mistake during his entire work.
BLACKSTONE is designed in such a way that it is as simple as possible to work. If you don't have any Forex trading experience, don't worry – you won't need it with BLACKSTONE. All you have to do is just install it, choose your preferred mode: Durable or Turbo and specify the risk as a percentage – it's very simple!
Different BACKTESTS Since 1997

Different BACKTESTS Since 1997

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  • SINCE 2013
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  • SINCE 2013

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